Becoming A Graphic Design Freelancer

Becoming A Freelancer

Heading out into the world as a Graphic Designer is already a scary and uncertain thing for a lot of us. When thinking about where you want your future to go do you thing it should be within a company, or freelancing? This for me anyway, is something I have thought about a lot. Should I freelance to gain experience and become more comfortable with programs and be able to mess up and learn on my own, or do I take the plunge and go out there feeling like I don’t know what I am doing in a world where everyone knows what they are doing. In case you have thought about freelancing like most of us I have put together an a graph of some of the most important things that come with being a freelancer. There is a lot more to that goes in to just saying yes to a job.



Pantone!!How can you not love it!! Pantone helps you to achieve the precise colors you see on screen, in print. Art director @JessicaVWalsh speaks on #PantoneNewColors A post shared by PANTONE (@pantone) on Mar 9, 2016 at 6:16am PST

About Me

About Me!!

  My name is Kristine Leighton and I am originally from Arizona. I am currently living in Garner, North Carolina and attend Wake Technical Community College as a  Advertising/Graphic Design student. From as far back as I remember I have always had my hands in something creative. From making my own barbie clothes when I… Continue reading About Me!!

Mind of A Graphic Designer

The Mind Of A Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Design student I find myself feeling, well.. I little inferior to others. I often compare my projects to others and questions my judgement when it comes to my work Being able to connect to others who may feel the same way has made me feel a lot better about my crazy thoughts and realize I’m not the only one out there that feels that way. Calling ourselves Graphic Designers, I think we have this idea that we have to have this confidence about us and never show anyone else that we don’t think we are the greatest thing since sliced bread. In reality I think we all have a little insecurities and thats why I think its important to share information on this topic.


I don’t care how good you think you are there is always someone bigger and better then you.

Everyone Can Improve

There is always something new tolearn and to improve on. While searching the web for countless sites to help me better learn my techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver or just anything really I came up a Blog that has so much information it will take you weeks to go through it. From free fonts, to links to other websites that give you helpful information, http://justcreative.com/ has everything you are looking for. The creator for justcreative.com is Jacob Cass a Graphic Designer from Sydney Australia currently traveling the world while doing freelance work. His page has tons of information and easy accessible links just in case you don’t have all day and need to find what your looking for sooner then later. In this blog you will find a create article that I think is a great starting point. It gives you a good start on other Graphic Design sites that can be helpful to you. Give 99 Sites Every Designer Must Know About a look. You just might find something that inspires you.

The Importance of Social Media

Along with being really good at what you do you need to have Social Media knowledge. If you watch this Ted Talks video you will hear Cass describe how when he first moved to the states he used Social Media to lift off his career in order not be deported back to Australia. You will also hear him talk about creating a personal brand for himself through is twitter, linkedin accounts, facebook, and personal websites.shutterstock_193510199 Remaining consistent, having a good navigation in place and a user friendly blog and website will help aid readers to stay and potentially get you more noticed by the right people. Having a good strong following with others that share the same interests is a great networking tool for you to get connected to the right people as well. As Cass explains in his video, when you connect with people they want to connect with you and then others will follow and before you know it you will have a village of follower and become a leader in a sense. Importantly, learning how to make the most of your Social Media presence is an crucial if that is the direction you would like to go in especially if you plan on doing a lot of freelance work.

We All Need A Little Reassurance

At the end of the day we all need a little reassurance. We all feel at one time or another “why am I doing this”?, “Am I even any good at what I do”? The answer is most likely yes. But like any other human on this planet we are our own worst critics. You are not alone in feeling less then or not good enough. You are good enough and I will provide the tools and resources to help you become more comfortable with yourself as a Designer. Providing you with excellent resources to help you achieve a better you will help you feel more confidentand give you more freedom for inspiration. As they say (who is they I don’t know).. Knowledge is Power. The more information and knowledge you are filled with the more ammo you have under your belt to help build your future.